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"King of the Road" is all set to travel

U.S. band "Wake the Sun's" new track dropped into our messages over the weekend and we strapped on our headphones for a quick listen.

And I was very pleasantly surprised as you just never know until you press play , what's coming your way. Right from the get-go, it had my attention. I just love a simple acoustic guitar into and then the build into the main body of the song with slide guitar.

This track is just "right up our street" as we say here in England. I personally just love hearing and producing music like this. I found the song, super hooky and with its little driving drum beat, it had me tapping away with my foot.

The track is lush with tight gorgeous vocal harms and bv's which adds to the whole atmosphere of the song, too many times, artists add bv's and harms because they feel the need to and they can sound added on, these sound totally organic.

If you love the sound of both electric slide and acoustic guitars, there's plenty here for oyu to get your teeth into. Not forgetting the bassline, a nice simple groove on the low end keeping all deep and rocking.

Loving this video by the way, super simple but very easy to watch. I have a saying too, keep it simple and do it well. The boys have achieved that. Did I mention the lead singers tone? This guys got a great voice that lends itself to this genre so well and we can't wait for more.

King of the Road by Wake the Sun is out on all platforms May 6th and we think its set to go places, so check it out

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