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Who we are and why the name?

Nashville Calling is run by father and daughter team, Rick and Hannah Paris. We started Nashville Calling as a live event in January 2019 in The Speak Easy Bar in Epping, Essex.  Moving on to our current venue at the Seaxe Live Room, Essex Arms in Brentwood, Essex later in the summer of 2019


In addition to our Original music nights, we now host open mics plus offer Studio and Artist services too.

So who's Rick Paris?

Rick Paris is co-owner of Nashville Calling and head mix engineer at Black Barn Music (The Studio)  and he also manages his daughter; the UK Country singer and songwriter Hannah Paris.  Rick wasn't always involved in music, but it was seeing his daughter try to navigate the choppy waters of the music business that he was compelled to get involved and since 2017, he has managed Hannah. Rick learned the music biz from scratch and that included setting up his own studio. You could say that he was/is obsessed about it, as he spent hundreds of hours training in every aspect of recording music. He has mixed and produced over 200 songs in the last 12 months (that's an average of 4 a week) and knows what it takes to make a modern Country record. What he has learnt in such a small space of time,

well, it's the nuances of the music of today, not yesteryear that you have to get right. 

And who's Hannah Paris

Hannah Paris is a UK Country music artist, songwriter and musician. Since 2017 Hannah has released 21 singles and an EP and written countless hundreds of songs. Many have made the iTunes Country top 10 and has even scored a #1 too. Her download streams are well in excess of 1 Million. Her live work has seen her grace many venues and big festivals across the UK  including playing in front of thousands on the Hard Rock Stage at the iconic Isle of Wight Festival. Her songs have been played on the BBC and across the world too.

And the name?

Its simple. We love Country Music and we love Nashville, Tennessee. The place oozes music 24/7, be it Country, Roots, Rock or a little Blues. Nashville is 90% Country and so are we, but you will find it all down Music Row.

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