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Black Barn Music Studio

Black Barn Music's studio is run by

 Rick Paris,  yes, the same guy who runs the Nashville Calling Live events. 

Rick stated the studio for his daughter, UK Country artist Hannah Paris,

who having experienced, lets say "mixed" service, in a few "Pro studios",

decided to take things into he's own hands and learn the business from scratch.

This has not been easy,

its taken 3 years and hundreds of hours of training

and since 2021,

Rick has produced over 160 tracks for Hannah, exclusively.  

Wow! Over 160 tracks for 1 artist (Hannah is contracted to a US song company).

Producing and mixing all these tracks

  in such a short space of time. was like an intensive boot camp,

honing his skills to a razors edge.

Not until he was totally happy that he had more than enough knowledge,

did he decide to open the studio out to other artists. 

Having just completed work on Sam Dillin's first ep, he has now doubled his roster of artists.

So if you have ever wanted to "cut" your very own track, give Rick a call or send a message,

as he has the knowledge and tools to make it happen. 

There are special introductory rates at the moment, that wont last long, so grab a session.



1 acoustic track £180

2 acoustic track deal £ 320

4 track ep deal £500

Intimate studio in the Essex Countryside

Massive choice of microphones and oodles of gear

guitar silhouette
guitar in blue

Competitive Pricing

Truly Top-Notch

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