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Our Press Release and Song Review Services

So you have an announcement? A tour? or new music, what next?

Do you just want it featured on our website and FB page

as part of your PR for your new music or tour? 


Do you seek some feedback for a track, that has not had the impact you had hoped for

 and its being ignored by the radio station and play-listers etc. Sound familiar.

Here's how we can help:

  • Option 1:  Unbiased critical feedback regarding the many areas of your track, which can include appraisal of the song, the recording quality, melody & lyrics, the actual arrangement and more importantly the possible improvements, so you can form an action plan to improve the recording  (if its still in production)

  • or to 

    make changes for your next recordings. Approx. 250-600 words, Cost £19

Option 2 : This is our standard PR package, its basically a Press Release with an extra two or three lines

about the positive things that we have picked up when listening to the track.

Cost is £10 and we publish on the website and on our FB pages. Approx. 150-250 words

Option 3:  This is our starter package, we will copy and paste your press release (max 200 words) onto your main web page at Nashville Calling. Cost is only £3 

You can pay for any of the 3 options,  please email us after payment with your information.

Genres covered: Country, Pop-County, Folk, Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic-Pop, Roots and all associated genres that range from solo singers with piano or guitar to full band playing Country Rock and everything in between.

If its played in Nashville, we cover it!

We hope to have your review returned to you within 3 business day.

Please allow up to 5 days during heavy demand.

So ready to get your music reviewed!?

You will know more about your song than you ever thought possible.

We have had so many positive messages from clients saying that it has been a revelation

and that its given them a direction that they never had before. 

Far to many people offering similar services,

are doing "puff pieces" with no technical experience in making music

or marketing music. 

We do both on a daily basis and our detailed feedback can help you get every bit

of juice (content) from your orange (song).

We also offer Zoom or Telecoms calls, to help you with

any other artist related issues e.g. Distribution, Social media, Songwriting, etc.

Have an ep? £15 a track for 3 or more reviewed at the same time.

Get serious about your music, hit the Paypal buttons to start the ball rolling now or contact us for more details.

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