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Chloe Chadwick - Devil's Game - Single Review

An email dropped into our “INBOX” this week at Nashville Calling HQ that sparked our interest.

It was from Chloe Chadwick, a name I have not heard around the UK scene for a while. Once dubbed the Queen of Country in the North East, we had to take a look and after some back and forth chat, she sent over her latest single ” Devil's Game” for us to have a listen to. Although this was released in 2020, after having a good listen, we felt it needed some more love and attention, as its bloody good.

So "Devil's Game" from Chloe Chadwick is based on a true story. It tells of the downward spiral a gambling addiction can have and the demons that pull you back again and again. In this case, the story is about a women who has on the surface a normal life, with a husband and little kids, but that leads to a devastating end.

The track opens with a strummed electric guitar and within seconds, Chloe's sultry voice had me interested. The opening verse is dripping in drums, acoustic guitar and some wonderful slide guitar too. This sets up a toe tapping groove for the rest of the track, as the song settles into telling, this sad but true story.

The melody that accompanied the chorus, sticks in your head and we can easily hear this being sung by a crowd at a live event. The bridge changes up the track with a change of melody and its at this point that an electric guitar solo makes an appearance.

And what a solo! Its not super long or complicated but its got such a lovely tone. Chloe tells me that she played this and we are super impressed. Its at this point, just at the start of the solo that Chloe cuts loose with her voice and the song reaches its climax into the last chorus. Its all gravy from here.

Personally this track is what I would call a “grower” or “slow burner”. So have a listen, then put it on a loop. Trust us, you will be wearing out your shoes tapping along to this one.

Chloe's' been off the scene for a little while, but we hope this single means the start of a new chapter, as we can't wait for more. And although this song has been out in the world for a little while, we think it should be showed some love and attention. So we suggest you settle back and have a good listen. You'll be glad you did.

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