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Hannah Paris - I Do - New Single - Out on 25/8

Save the date of August 25th as Hannah Paris' latest track "I Do" is released.

Its a heartfelt and intimate celebration of her love story with her new husband Jack Payne. The fact that she wrote this song for their own wedding's first dance adds a deeply personal touch to the track, making it a special musical moment that encapsulates their journey together.

The song's Pop-Country genre perfectly complements the theme of love and romance and its also produced by her father Rick Paris at Black Barn Music studio so is even more personal.

So what can you expect from Hannah as most of her past song lyrics are heavily based on personal experiences. Well the lyrics themselves reflect the couple's journey, spanning over seven years, and are sure to resonate with anyone who has experienced a deep and enduring love. The sentimentality of the song is likely to tug at the heartstrings of listeners, creating a genuine and relatable connection.

The song has a romantic groove and with the careful use of drums, the well-crafted vocal layers adds depth to the song, enhancing the romantic atmosphere. The incorporation of a 3/4 waltz time signature further adds a unique touch, making it an ideal choice for a first dance moment.

"I Do" follows the success of Hannah's previous June hit "Honeymoon Phase," and its release signals the start of an exciting new phase in her musical journey. With a promising line-up of upcoming music, it's clear that Hannah is committed to delivering more engaging and emotionally resonant songs in the coming months.

The accompanying music video that's set to be released alongside the track adds another layer of visual storytelling to the song. It will likely provide fans with a visual representation of the love and emotions that the song encapsulates.

As Hannah Paris embarks on this new chapter in her life as Mrs. Payne, it's evident that her creative drive is only gaining momentum. Her passion for crafting new songs and sharing her personal experiences through music bodes well for fans who are eagerly awaiting her upcoming releases.

With "I Do," Hannah Paris has not only created a memorable love song but has also set the stage for more captivating music in the future. Keep an eye on her journey, as her musical evolution promises to be both exciting and genuine.

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