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Jason Callear - California Girl - New Single

We have reviewed 2 previous singles from Jason back in 22 and they we loved them both. He's back with another big song called California Girl and its out on 15th September.

I have to mention this right off the bat, "California Girl" by Jason Callear is a long song! Weighing in at nearly 6 minutes, but the time goes by quickly as this emotionally charged Americana ballad, skilfully captures the essence of love, loss, and redemption.

Its Callear's storytelling that shines through in this song as with his previous releases, as he takes listeners on a heartfelt journey through a tale of a relationship that was once cherished but is now torn apart.

The song's strength lies in its hauntingly lyrics and captivating melodies and from the very beginning, Callear's vocal delivery is raw and filled with emotion. It draws the listener into the narrative, his vocal tone giving every line maximum gravitas.

The lyrics are both evocative and introspective, allowing us to delve deep into the complexities of the protagonist's emotions as they navigate the remnants of a broken relationship. But there's a twist too.

In conclusion, "California Girl" is a beautifully crafted Americana ballad that masterfully explores the complexities of a past relationship. Jason Callear's emotive vocals and the song's evocative lyrics make it a compelling and memorable musical experience. It's a song that will leave a lasting impact on anyone who listens, making it a standout addition to the Americana genre.

I'm sure also played live, this would be stunning also.

Out on Sept 15th, give it a play.

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