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Lloyd McGuigan - New Single - Homecoming

So its with real pleasure that a brand new single from UK Americana artist Lloyd McGuigan came into our possession recently. Titled, Homecoming, it the 2nd track from this emerging artist that we have reviewed and its a real treat. It comes out on April 20th and acts as a springboard for a string of shows around the country during the spring and summer of 2023

Reading the accompanying press release for this single, it says that the song blends elements of Americana and Country music with the use of acoustic guitar, lap steel and harmonica, creating a soulful and authentic sound and on first listen I have to agree wholeheartedly. And what impresses me most, about the Press Release, its the total lack of BS that most PR's contain within them. And as someone that reads a lot of them, this is very impressive. It tells me that this artist is letting the song do the talking and boy does it talk.

At 3.46, the song's a decent length and it opens up with a straightforward acoustic guitar and vocals with the rest of the band only coming in at chorus. This is a really interesting arrangement decision which gives the song a nice vibe and a sense of building to something special.

That something "special" is the harmonica solo that makes it appearance at the end of the chorus in the turnaround just before the 2nd verse. Its simply gorgeous and then makes appearances throughout the rest of the track at various points.

Harmonica aside, the whole band is full of genuine authentic talent that gives the track tremendous weight and gravitas. There's a raw vibe there too, which gives the listener a hint, that played live; the song wont sound too different either. As way too often, too many bells and whistles are added to embellish and polish a studio recorded track and those sounds cannot be easily recreated live, but this is different. Its all real.

Lastly and not definitely not least, is Lloyd himself and his vocal performance. Wow, its something else and really needs to be heard. There's this gravelly goodness about it that we heard in his earlier song "My Fathers Words" and he's at it again with this one too. So as a producer myself, I know that there are a million and one ideas and decisions that take place during the writing and arrangement of a song and Lloyd holds back the real good stuff until he cuts loose in the bridge and last chorus which adds a great big cherry onto the thick icing of this awesome cake.

That haunting harmonica right at the end, just gave me the biggest smile possible.

What's the song about? Well it tells the story of being away from a loved one for many years and well, coming home, but hear it for yourself and you'll appreciate it for more than just the story.

Homecoming is out on 20/4/23 and has a video too, so get pre-saving and streaming this baby.

Review by Rick Paris

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