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Tennessee Twin - New Single - Fit to Love - out 8/9

Now those that follow our live gig pages can't have failed to notice that Tennessee Twin has graced our stage more times that any other artists since we opened our doors in 2019, so we are fans. Come September they have new music dropping and we got to hear an early preview of the track, its called "Fit To Love".

So, what's it like? We, "Fit to Love" is a mesmerizing journey through the tapestry of emotions that come with the pursuit of love and human connection. The duo have always had the ability to blend soulful harmonies with a touch of Americana flair and its on full display here, creating a musical experience that is both emotionally resonant and musically captivating.

Victoria's lead vocal is a true highlight, commanding attention with its confidence and depth from the get-go. Her delivery and the honesty of her vocal tone adds an extra layer of authenticity to the storytelling, allowing the listener to truly immerse themselves in the narrative. The way she navigates the lyrical nuances effortlessly reflects the intricate emotions being portrayed in the song and Geoff's not too shabby either, supporting Victoria with subtle backing vocals, as he always does.

The musical arrangement is a well crafted fusion of elements, with the rich electric guitar providing a strong backbone that complements the vocal performance beautifully. The drums also complementing the arrangement with a solid groove, forever beating a steady rhythm and the guitar solo after the 2nd chorus has to be mentioned, as it had me instantly reaching for my "air" guitar!

But the heart of "Fit To Love" lies in its lyrical exploration. The song delves fearlessly into the complexities of love, shining a light on the universal human experience of seeking genuine connection. The lyrics draw attention to the all-too-relatable scenario of discovering that someone we've invested in isn't who they initially appeared to be and the only conclusion I have is that they never turn out better than you thought, did they? Nope always worse.

In conclusion, "Fit To Love" is a triumph in the genre of Americana music. The duo's artistry shines brightly through their evocative storytelling, impeccable harmonies, and skilled musicianship.

This track is bound to strike a chord with fans of the genre and beyond, leaving an enduring impact on anyone who takes a moment to immerse themselves in its heartfelt melodies and poignant lyrics.

The song is available to pre-order here

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