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The Rising - When You Were Mine - got Punk'd?

When You Were Mine – The Rising

As long time fans of the popular Northern Irish duo, The Rising, its always a very pleasant experience when a new track comes along from them and “When You Where Mine “ is no exception.

As a teenager growing up in the late 70's and like a lot of young lads, I had a Blondie poster on my wall, when I say Blondie, I mean “Debbie Harry” actually! But I loved the sound of the band too. So you could imagine my joy as within seconds of hitting the play button, I was transported back all those years, an instant time machine.

Instantly I was hit in the face with some pop-punk style guitars and the sound of drums that could have come straight off a Blondie song. Wow, I was knocked back and just couldn't stop smiling.

Now although The Rising are officially a UK Country band, they have released a number of singles over the last 12 months that have really explored the edges of the genre and this is another track that pushed the boundaries too and we love that about them. Too many artists don't explore outside of a narrow band.

The story of the song is not the usual boy meets girl , boy loses girl or visa-versa tale. This ones about when you start to have feelings for a friend and that once things have moved in that direction, is it right or is it wrong. And if it goes wrong, you'll have to deal with the potential fall out! You may have wished you had never started down that road!

Well, as a song we think its terrific, its got a great Summery/Punky vibe, a great melody and its got some awesome guitar ear candy scattered all the way throughout the track too.

Chantelle's vocals are again faultless and the way she sings “Mine” in a variety of ways is very inventive. Chris's mix is spot on as are the guitars, which I am sure he loved recording.

We just loved the whole arrangement from the high energy of the chorus, especially the last one to the breathy breakdown sections, its all fab!, Now where did I put my black PVC trousers!

The track is out on May 20th, with pre-saves available now.

If you are going to either Buckle and Boots or Tennessee Fields over the summer too you' can catch the band live with a full band line-up.

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