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The Southern Gothic - New Single - Talking in my Sleep

U.S. band The Southern Gothic are back with a bang as they release their latest single "Talking in my Sleep" on 11th November and its pretty good, lets dive in.

If "The Southern Gothic" (SoGo) are a new name to your ears, let me give you a little background on the band. These guys are a tight touring band that are averaging an incredible 200 shows a year over the last 4 years, now that's commitment. Their honest lyrics, heartfelt melodies, and stellar musicianship cut through to appeal to fans across the world without regard to genre, age, or locale.

So "Talking in my Sleep" is a quintessential upbeat Nashville Country Rock track, it has the tone and vibe of the heartland of the U.S.A. with its big drums and big guitars taking the initial lead in the song, but underneath are the acoustic guitars and keys/synths keeping everything balanced and modern.

Vocally its right on the money too with lead vocals supplied by Connor Christian, who's frontman and principal songwriter of the band and multiple bvs adding weight and depth to the track. As I mentioned earlier, the track has an upbeat feel to it and it will get your toe tapping along to the groove. If you are a head nodder rather than a tapper, it'll have that effect too. There's an ear worm of a hook that will have you humming the chorus melody for days.

The upside-down cover art had me checking my eyesight too!

The song came out on 11th November, It's called "Talking in my Sleep", take a listen ASAP, we think you'll love it, we did.

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