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We are at Tennessee Fields with a unique interactive song-writing masterclass

Its with great pleasure that we can announce, that Nashville Calling will be at the

awesome Tennessee Fields festival on Saturday July 10th 2021.

So what exactly have we got planned for you all?

Well, with the help of Nashville Callings very own co-founder "Hannah Paris" and her band, we are going to attempt a totally unique event. We are calling it an interactive song-writing masterclass.

We have never seen it done before, so maybe its never been done before, who knows, but its gonna be awesome!

So the plan is to open our "tepee" in the early afternoon (times will be announced) for everyone to meet the band. This is a chance to ask ask any questions. You may wonder what its like playing Bass guitar or want to know what all the elements of the drums are. What's a Hi Hat? or anything else you have ever wanted to ask. Time and Covid rules permitting, you maybe able to have a quick go.

Then, once our audience is seated, we will begin the song-writing process with all the audience included. Hannah will then outline a few quick fundamentals of music theory, so you have a basic grasp of music structure. Then based on a question and answer session with the audience, the band will be construct a brand new song based on the suggestions and directions from the audience.

The tempo, melody, lyrics etc will all be up for discussion. You will see "behind the curtain" so to speak, what goes on in a song-writing/jam session. You will see the various twists and turns and the dead ends until with your help, end up with a finished song.

You will see how each instrument is arranged in the new song and why its there, you will also see the song grow from an initial idea or line before your very eyes and ears to a fully fledged track.

Sounds like something you can't miss right, cool.

So, grab your tickets at TNFIELDS.COM and be part of the fun.

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