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A trip down Nostalgia lane with Riverfields new single "Don't Go"

What a fantastic trip down nostalgia lane from Swedish band "Riverfields". Influenced by watching the Beatles documentary and apparently fuelled by a bottle or 2 of Riesling wine, this song is a real trip back in time.

The tune, called Don't Go is a real throw back to when bands wrote good songs based on having a simple but solid melody, and this track is beautifully crafted and arranged with notable performances from the male and female vocalists.

I am a big fan of simple hooks in choruses and "Don't Go" has a big old hook that had me singing along with it in no time at all. The last chorus is full of harmonies and adlibs and is a real joy for the ears. There is such a retro vibe with the guitar licks and flavour of the production and as a child of the 60/70s, its right up my street. In fact I better shut up as it could get a bit embarrassing.

There are sometimes areas where I can think of possible improvements, but with this track, I can't think of a single thing. I absolutely love this and want to hear more.

Riverfields have hit onto something rather special with Don't Go. I suggest you check it out and give it some attention ASAP.

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