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Adele & Andy - Album Release - Scars

The album launch for Adele & Andy is finally here, set your clocks, its on August 19th.

Here is our review of every track from the album.

Adele & Andy - Scars - Album Review

We recently reviewed two of the last three singles from Adele & Andy and we have been given a copy of the album from which those 2 singles have come from. Here is a quick fire review of all the 10 tracks and our impressions.

Track 1. Whisky on your Breath

The opening track of the album is very solid opener. Its a sultry mid tempo track, with booze as its theme. Running at approx. 102 BPM, its a guitar driven track with a very laid back feel. Nice acoustic guitars run throughout the track playing rhythm with drums and driven electric guitars adding to the pulse of the song. Clean “n” clear vocals from Adele gives the song the Adele & Andy sound. A good solid opener.

Track 2. When I Look At You

We did a full review of this track on May 4th and a quick look back at my records confirms what I am hearing again in my headphones. Another mid-tempo track with a juicy guitar solo and with a potential sing along in the chorus played live. Some added Banjo gives some Country-ness to this track although its at the pop end of the Country envelope.

Track 3. Scars

The single that is the title track of the album is a Pop-Country track with all the bells and whistles you'll expect including a Banjo which feels right at home in this arrangement. Scars is a story driven track and with background vocals from Andy, it adds to the layers and supports Adele in the lead role. For me it has the slight feel of an early Ward Thomas track, but with added electric guitars. Maybe its the harmonies? Best track from the album? Maybe.

Track 4. Who's Gonna Pray

Song 4 is an interesting track with an interesting message. Chugging guitars in the background (who doesn't love a chugging guitar) adds a different sound to this track that the previous 3 songs on the album. At approx 122BPM, this track is starting to up the beats but overall it has a gentle mid tempo feel and I feel that this song had the potential to be a “better” song and the best on the album. I understand that music is totally subjective and its totally a matter of taste but sometimes you can hear something in a song and you long for more and this is the case with this song, It's very nice but feels like its slightly stuck in a low gear. I wanted it to cut loose but maybe that's just me. I could hear bigger!

Track 5. Moments

“Moments” initially has a much lighter feel about it, although the temptation for Andy to add an electric guitar is ever present and “air guitarists are not disappointed as he doesn't disappoint either and gives you plenty to let yourself loose on! The track has more than a whiff of LADY A's hit song “American Honey” especially in the verses, so much so, that I started to sing the 2nd line of Lady A's track. Layers of bgvs too adding plenty of polish.

Track 6. Someone Else's Hand

I'm finding this track a little harder to comment on. Why is that? Well it's another very solid production from the duo but its just not doing it for me and that could be just me, music is very subjective, as I have said before. Its also a slower tempo song to at around 76 BPM which maybe why its less “in your face.” But have a listen, it may well be your favourite, let me know.

Track 7. Run I Can't Hide

A predominately keys/piano track; its the first one on the album and a really nice change up in sonics. Guitars and drums are still present throughout the track, especially the chorus which is catchy. At around 125BPM, it will get your foot tapping along and there is a lovely breakdown section where the instrumental drops out and leaves Adele on her own for a spell.

Track 8. Where All These Roads Meet

We reviewed this track in full back on July 22nd and we enjoyed it a lot, another piano track but fairly sparse in its arrangement, which is a change from the previous 7 tracks on the album. I have had another listen to the track to refresh my memory and the thing that I really feel about it, is that I really want Adele to cut loose in the chorus. What's she's dong is fine, but it just feels safe. I did feel that way at the time of the first review but felt I wanted to give it a few weeks to let the track sink in. Time has lead me to the same conclusions. Again, I can hear more, I can't help it! I'm a "more" kinda guy!

Track 9. Put Your Hands Up

Put Your Hands up is an unashamedly, instant foot tapping, clap along Country song, that has line dancing written all over it. What's the song about, I have no idea, the vocals are a little low in the mix so was hard to hear every word, but I didst care, I was too busy grooving and clapping along to the melody. Awesome hooky chorus that is set to be a live crowd pleaser for sure.

Track 10. Old Leonards Farm

The last track from the album is called “Old Leonards Farm”, its a banjo based Country track which is firmly rooted in the more traditional wing of the Country genre and is another song that has a very catchy chorus that will be great to join in with live at a gig, After hearing this track on loop, I just want to find old Leonard and get down on his farm!


We were first aware of Adele & Andy about 18 months to 2 years ago during lockdown and here they are with a 10 track album. Now that's impressive, especially as an album from a UK Country act is a fairly rare beast these days, ep's and singles are more the thing.

So we have listened to every song several times and our conclusions; this is a very fine collection of well produced songs from the Shropshire Duo, a super solid job. Its a mixture of songs from Pop-Country to a more traditional sound with the last two tracks. Best track on the album? For me it's Scars. (other opinions are available).

So the score? its an 8/10 from me and at Nashville Calling we look forward to 2023 with a lot of anticipation to see what the duo have to offer. Hopefully we can get them down to Essex to perform live for us too.

Album pre-orders below clicking the button.

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