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Adele & Andy - New Single - Life of Sin

ADELE & ANDY ARE SET TO RELEASE 3RD SINGLE LIFE OF SIN FROM THERE FORTHCOMING THIRD ALBUM "” 27TH OCTOBER 2023 Adele & Andy are no strangers to the music scene, having built a significant following on Twitch in just under two years. Their engaging performances and relatable personalities have attracted over 8,000 followers, making them one of the most popular country duos on the platform. playing live shows up and down the country and festival appearances and most recently winning best country / folk act in the Shropshire

As we delve deeper into Adele & Andy’s forthcoming album get ready for a real surprise. Life of Sin is a real ‘Dirt Road’ Country Rock/Blues Track. This raunchy single has electricity running all the way through it. The Harmonica/Hammond Organ gives it a real ‘When the Levee Breaks/Tarantino feel. Do opposites attract? Adele & Adele are forceful in their assertion that it is wrong to try and change each other we should embrace the people we are. “You can’t change me into what you want coz all my thoughts are mine”. The song is all about being the person you want to be “accepting you, accepting me.” They contend that you can still be a Country Girl even if you don’t like horses, wear boots, and have a Southern drawl. Some people may take a dim view of their resistance to fitting in with the norm simply by doing want they want to do [A Life of Sin] but Adele & Andy believe in pleasing in each other, at the expense of being stereotypical.

Life of Sin is out on Oct 27th

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