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Hannah Paris - Gamble or Stay - New Single 17/11

Hannah Paris, UK Country Artist, to Release Highly Anticipated Single "Gamble or Stay" on November 17th

UK-based country artist Hannah Paris is set to captivate audiences once again with her upcoming single, "Gamble or Stay," set to be released on November 17th across all major streaming platforms. This new release follows the success of her summer wedding hit, "I Do," which gained widespread acclaim for its heartfelt lyrics and emotional resonance, a song penned for her own first dance at her July wedding. However "Gamble or Stay" is a different kettle of fish all together and delves into the complexities of post-breakup emotions.

The track explores the challenging territory when a relationship has ended, yet one party remains hopeful and attempts to reignite the connection. Paris brings listeners on a journey through the conflicting emotions of remembering the good times while acknowledging the fundamental reasons for the breakup.

Reflecting on the single, Paris says, "Gamble or Stay is a simple story of the age-old struggle that many people face when a relationship ends. It's that internal battle of whether to consider going back or to stay steadfast on the path of moving forward. The song captures the essence of conflicting emotions and the difficulty of navigating through the aftermath of a breakup."

Known for her distinctive vocals and poignant song-writing, Hannah Paris continues to carve her own niche in the country music scene with authenticity and relatable storytelling.

Hannah has performed the song several times over the summer and audiences have really warmed to the song, the message and the melody. So mark your calendars for November 17th as Hannah Paris releases "Gamble or Stay.

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About Hannah Paris: Hannah Paris is an established UK Country artist known for her emotive storytelling and distinctive voice. With a passion for connecting with her audience through genuine and relatable lyrics, Hannah continues to make a mark in the country music scene. "Gamble or Stay" follows her acclaimed summer hit "I Do," showcasing her versatility as a songwriter and performer.

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