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Adele & Andy - New Single - When All These Roads Meet

Friday 22nd July sees the release of Adele & Andy's latest single. Entitled "When All These Roads Meet", the song has been long anticipated by their army of fans on "Twitch" and the wait is nearly over.

As long time followers of the duo here at Nashville Calling its been interesting to watch the duo go from almost total unknown's before lockdown to a position where their star is certainly on the rise. So how have they done that? They have done that by using social media and connecting with people.

Starting out in 2020 with a bit of tech the couple have built up a huge following on the Twitch platform and there regular output has meant that fans and followers have stayed tuned in for the long haul. The couple are a delight to watch and their interaction with their audience is why they have a loyal following. They also write some decent tunes too and when you add in Adele's pipes and Andy's dry wit, the audience just loves them.

So to the new song. Its a piano ballad, yes you heard right, piano. Now those of us that have watched them live, associate the duo with guitars, so that was a little bit of a surprise to us. But a nice surprise, I might add. It shows their willingness to venture into new areas.

The second surprise was that the arrangement is fairly sparse. Its starts with a simple, well played piano with Adele's voice soaring above the keys as the ballad unfolds. From verse 2 however, percussion is added with drums, snare and shaker, which gives the track movement and gives the listener something new to get their ears around which is a good arrangement decision from the production team.

The track has a haunting quality even with the added instrumentation, Its not busy and its all well played and in the right place. At around 2.30 most of the instruments drop out which leaves Adele with just the piano again before it all kicks back in again for the last big chorus. The addition of a guitar howling in the far background rounds out the lush outro.

Fans of the duo will love this and we did too, so if you have not heard anything from Adele and Andy before, give it a Pre-save, its out on Friday 22dn July.

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