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Adele & Andy - Since the World has Turned - New Single

Now normally I review tracks before release but a few recent issues have meant that I am a little late to the party with Adele & Andy's latest musical release, but as they say, "better late than never" and we all know that a "Nashville Calling" review is worth waiting for!

So the new track came out on June 5th and its called "Since the World has Turned" and has some nifty artwork to go along with the nifty track. That's two uses of the word nifty in one sentence and I promise not to use it again,

Okay so lets get down to it. We are big time fans of the couples music and we even had them down to headline our last live show of 2022, that's how much we love them here at NCHQ (That's short for Nashville Calling HQ, if you didn't already get it).

So the track starts with a single piano (with some lo-fi tape hiss) before a very nice modern kick drum makes an appearance. Its hitting on every down beat so it instantly gives the track a feeling of pace which because of the "four on the floor" beat, always feels a little faster than the bpm of the song, which is 124 if you're curious.

Anyhoooo its an awesome start and already I can see this being a great "driving" song as its got great bounce and energy. They're technical terms, not to be confused with "groove" ;-) Now who doesn't love a great driving song. Then in comes Adele and a picking guitar playing a little higher melody to set the tone for the whole song.

So, what's the song about? Well its a reflective little number, about leaving things behind and feeling very conflicted about it but rather than listen to me waffle on, you can listen to the song yourself as its out now.

We think its a fantastically well produced track with a great melody that sticks in your head, it's arguably there best yet.

The song came out on June 5th, so get streaming folks.

Review by Rick Paris

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