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Bad Temper Joe - New Single - Wishing Well

So as we know the music business covers the globe and here at Nashville Calling we like to feature artists from different countries. We give you Bad Temper Joe. Now BTJ as we'll call him from here on in, is a County Folk singer from Germany.

So what can you expect from a Country song from a European artist. Well a very good one to be totally honest. I was surprised and it was a good surprise too.

With authentic vocal tones and some awesome resonator guitar, this track flies.

As BTJ puts it, "Wishing Well" rattles and buzzes with a unique intensity, as if everything is held together only by the heavy, aching groove and rusty strings of an old guitar. The sparse instrumentation develops a powerful and haunting sound and the songs composition shows the relentless devotion to the tradition of the old blues singers from the Mississippi Delta.

Go check it out.

Review by Rick Paris

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