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Becky Lawrence - Loud and 17 - New Single

So another week, another review and this time we have the pleasure of reviewing the new single from Manx songstress Becky Lawrence. Having relocated from the Isle of Man to Wiltshire, Becky has teamed up with Hugh Webber and Tyler Spice to create a fun, summery Pop-Country track that could have you reminiscing about being 17 again.

So more or less as soon as we hit play here at the Nashville Calling desk, we had 100% pure Pop-Country blasting from the monitors and it felt goooood.

As Becky puts it so well " The track was co-written with Hugh Webber and Tyler Spicer - it's a nostalgic and exciting summer anthem which was written “about my teenage years and my fond memories of growing up. A time that felt so much simpler then today; with our iPods, flip phones and no social media to speak of!”. And we couldn't agree more.

There is the now ubiquitous banjo in the background (Hey, I put them in Pop-Country tracks that I'm producing too, I'm just saying) and there are plenty of claps to drive the track on and give it a raucous feel. The guitars have more than a nod to the Pop-Country legend that is "Keith Urban", and they add a real sense of Country/Rock goodness to the song, which is a nice addition.

The interest doesn't stop there, as the song rocks out to a finish with screaming guitars and Becky's vocals, which are very polished throughout and some of her best work yet. And if that's not enough, we are treated to a "party crowd vibe" as the track is fading out, which on first listen sounds a little bit odd but upon hearing it a few times, we think it's a nice touch and we have been staining the old ear drums trying to catch what's said!

This is a feel good summer song that would be great to catch at a summer festival, the chorus is super hooky and we would be singing along with the band.

Nice work everyone.

Loud and 17 is out on July 29th, go download or stream it and enjoy.

review by Rick Paris


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