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Celine Ellis - New Single - Leave The Light On

August 5th sees the release of Celine Ellis' brand new single and a fan favourite " Leave The Light On".

As Celine says in her Press release "Leave the Light On” has already become a favourite among her fans, with its catchy melodies and punchy chorus. Lyrically, the song explores being 40-something, and how driving up and down the country playing shows, sometimes to an empty bar, has a different meaning. It also brings together that unwanted feeling of being away from a special someone for too long".

"Leave the Light On" is a Country song from the traditional end of UK Country music and we are sure will go down very well with so many Country music fans. Its got a great uptempo beat which is driven by the big guitars and the huge drums. It's also full to the brim with lush backing vocals and harmonies too and a clapping section in the chorus, which shows real attention to detail from the whole crew responsible for this track and how it turned out.

Celine herself has great vocal control throughout the track and you can just tell that she's having a great time singing this song. She says its a crowd favourite and we can see why.

Its out on Aug 5th, please go check it out when it lands.

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