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Celine Ellis releases "Dive Bar" version of Leave the Light on.

So we reviewed UK Country artist Celine Ellis' new single "Leave the Light on" several weeks ago and we remarked on what a great song it was and that the chorus could sound terrific live, with some crowd interaction, singing the chorus. Well, like magic we have a "Dive Bar" version.

So It was with some anticipation and excitement that we pressed play here at NCHQ, to Celine's "Dive Bar" version of "Leave the Light on", especially after being told that friends and family were drafted in to help in the recording on this edition of the track.

First few seconds and it sounds promising. Bar noises, low crowd chatter and guitar plugging into an amp, then the crowd FX fades out and....... my happiness soon turned to a little bit of disappointment when it appears this is the same studio track but with added crowd FX and not a live version as I sort of assumed, Oh fiddlesticks!

So having played it through several times, my conclusions are that if you liked the original version (we did) with its big singalong chorus (we did) and you want to hear what it might sound like at a Celine Ellis gig, then have a listen as it will give you a pretty good idea.

Pop onto Celine's socials to catch Celine at a show near you

The Dive Bar version is out on August 26th

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