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Chris Andreucci - new Single - Strangers in a Bar

When we heard that Scottish Country music artist Chris Andreucci (pronounced And-Roo- Chee) had relocated to Nashville, we thought we better investigate further. Not only that but the man from Ayr was about to launch his new single, so we just had to hear more. So we reached out and contacted Chris about his move to Country Music's capital City and his new single.

"Hey Chris, we have been listening to your new single here all week at Nashville Calling HQ and its been on repeat, its real hooky and I find myself singing the chorus in the most strangest situations. As yours is a new name to me, I thought it only right that we dug a little deeper into your back story. So reading your PR, you are now living in Nashville? Have we read that right?"

Hey thanks very much for listening to my new song and for sitting down with me. Yes, I live and work in Nashville, Tennessee as a songwriter. I’m originally from Ayr, Scotland but after signing a publishing deal with Century Music Group in 2019 I made the move across the pond.

So the pull to live in the USA must have been strong?

It really all stems from my time studying abroad in North Carolina. I visited Nashville a number of times during my exchange and fell in love with the city, the people and the way of life. After signing my publishing deal I realised I could write songs and perform full-time for a living, and that was enough for me to apply for my visa and head to Music City.

We have been to Nashville and its a much smaller place than I imagined, but I can also imagine that a lot of the "action" , writers rooms etc, happen well away from Main Street with all the Honky Tonks and Bars?

Yeah 100%. Broadway is where a lot of us play for some extra cash, it's a great time and where the party and cover music is at. But there’s way more to Nashville than that. As a songwriter I spend most of my day on music row which is situated in Midtown on 16th Ave and it's where all the publishing houses and record labels are. It usually involves an artist and two songwriters writing for a publisher and can take anywhere from 1 hour to 4/5 hours. In the evenings us songwriters showcase a lot of our material at writers rounds across the city, my favourites being Porchlight Pickers and Music Row Freakshow at The Local.

I see this song was a co-write. Was it fairly easy to get your foot in the door for co-writes as I always imagined it a little Cliquey and super competitive?

I was welcomed into Nashville with open arms, I’m very grateful for that. It’s a place where relationships are super important and a lot of networking has to be done before you get certain opportunities. I found that all part of the fun of first moving there as you get to meet artists, writers and publishers all across the city and build relationships with them. Before I knew it I had a full weekly writing schedule, regular gigs and studio time.

The song was recorded at Red Giraffe with top producers Paul Rogers and Jimmy Mansfield, how did you hook up with these guys, they are heavy hitters in Nashville?

One of the publishers I write for recommended the guys at Red Giraffe, and once I met them for a beer and a chat about the project we just knew we were going to have a good vibe in the studio. We tracked, recorded, produced and mastered the track in just over a week. They are great producers and I can’t wait for you all to hear what we got down.

And what plans do you have for a follow up?

I’ve got a run of shows here in Nashville and up to Chicago over the next month or so. We are looking into doing a music video for the track too. Keep your eyes peeled!

And future plans for Chris Andreucci over the next 12 months, are you staying Stateside.

I’ll be in Nashville full-time apart from a return next year for a couple festivals and shows in the UK. Unfortunately I can’t announce when and where just yet but make sure to sign up to my mailing list on my website to be the first to hear the news Anyway good luck with the single which is out on Friday 19th August and we look forward to more music in the future. Hopefully when you get to the UK, we can have you appear at one of our shows. I'm sure our audiences would love to meet you in person.

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