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Dove Ties - New Single - I Don't Know

So, its not often I am surprised but we were recently sent a brand new track from long time friend of Nashville Calling, the talented "Donna Marie". Now that's not the surprise, so please bear with me! The surprise was that it was a track from the band "Dove Ties" and I must confess, I hadn't heard of! I hadn't realised that Donna was in a band of that name.

Anyway blushes over, Donna is clearly a busy woman as not only is she a gigging solo musician, she is also 1/3rd of The Songs & Stories Collective too and maybe others that we are not aware of.

Now, this new single entitled "I Don't Know" is a co-lab with Patrick Jordan and they appear to have formed a musical vehicle called "Dove Ties". At present, we don't know if they have plans to gig or if this is simply a recording co-lab, either way, we want more!

So less of the chat "Paris", what's it like, I hear you cry? Well, its rather good. "I Don't Know" is a straight up good old fashioned Country tune, its not pop, dressed up as Country, its a proper Country tune, done good.

By that I mean its got at its heart, a good old Train track beat (think of Johnny Cash), sounding like train wheels hitting the track joints as it rolls along. Its a groove that's been used for many many Country tunes since the dawn of the genre and the reason why? it's because it gets your toes tapping, your head nodding and your feet shuffling and even the non dancers amongst us, just can't resist it.

The song itself is totally delightful, its a well paced tune that rattles along and has great energy; we think that UK Country fans will lap this up.

Both Donna and Patrick deliver some great lines too, and as a duo they complement each others voices so well. At times, they sing there own lines and at other times, they are overlapping with such ease, that it feels incredibly natural and something they have been doing for years. The chorus is super hooky too and we hope that this is the start of a co-lab that will bear more fruit for many years to come.

The track was released last Friday, its out everywhere, so check it out and give it some love, your toes will thank you for it!

Review by Rick Paris


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