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Hannah Paris - New Single - Toxic Kinda Love

November brings Hannahs 3rd single release of the year and it's a banger! I say that as I produced the track, so I have a 100% vested interest but having reviewed umpteen tracks from other artists on this platform, it's only fair that Hannah gets a fair crack of the whip, regardless that she's, my daughter!

So, what's "Toxic Kinda Love" all about? Well, it's an up-tempo modern Pop-Country track that may have the traditional brigade running for the hills! It's about love of course and that some people always seem to fall for the wrong type of person, which usually ends in heartbreak and that behaviour is repeated and repeated until the end of time, or they end up on their own, warming up a tin of soup watching daytime TV in a Onesie!

As a production, I had a load of fun with this song. We wanted a really modern "Nashville" style of production with all the bells and whistles that go into that type of arrangement. Add in some Resonator Guitar, some banjo licks and some good old claps and we have lift off.

Hannahs lead vocal got treated to some special sauce which added lots of layers and textures underneath the main vox and some 20 stems of bvs add to the choruses.

Overall, the track count was just over 80, so it was the densest song we have ever produced out of our studio.

If any other artist wants to engage me for their next "hit", you know where we are.

The track came out on Friday 11th November and is available to stream below.

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