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Jason Callear - New Single - Fortunate Sons

Back on a drought hit day in August, we reviewed a song from Jason Callear and its now a cold wet day in November and we have another new single release from him to listen too. It's called Fortunate Sons and here's what we think.

Reading part of Jasons press release, it says. "Following the rebranding of his artistry and the re-release of his track ‘Brother’, Jason has grabbed the attention of the country music scene and is ready to release his follow up single ‘Fortunate Sons’. There is no doubt that this track will transport you back in time, rolling along the freeway at sunset, with a new 70’s vibe! "The guitar and piano snap together and are complimented wonderfully by the pedal steel licks’ accompanied by a simple, but powerful story."

So, what's it like? Well first things first, the song is a totally different animal to "Brother" in just about every way possible and I have to agree with Jason above in that the song does have a freewheelin 70's vibe about it, and I was into music at that time, so lived it first time around.

Unlike a lot of recent releases, the song feels like its been played by a band or at least that you can hear what it would sound like if an actual band played this live. Too many recent Country tracks have so much going on in the production that you would need the stage at the Royal Albert Hall to get everyone involved.

So, at its heart, It's got a real wholesome feel to the track, call it an organic flow, if you like, that starts from bar one. Acoustic guitar and bass are the two instruments that you hear first followed by a little steel pedal that sets the tone. But its the bass and drums that really stick out as playing major parts with the acoustic guitar holding down the rhythm section of the song.

Backing vocals fill the track in several places as a "call and response" to Jasons excellent raspy lead vocal and there is a delicious lead guitar solo to "air guitar" too before the track fades out.

As a follow up song to "Brother", "Fortunate Sons" is a nice song that will appeal to most Country fans, its neither "poppy" nor "traditional" so should have very broad appeal around the UK scene.

Fortunate Sons is out on November 5th, so go pre-order it now

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