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Kara Cole - New Single - 3 Weeks

Over the last few weeks, we have seen and listened too a swathe of new musical releases and its with great pleasure that we bring you another track from an artist across the pond.

Kara Cole may not be a name you have heard of before but her new solo single "3 Weeks" is a song that I feel you must hear too.

I must confess that I was smiling when I heard the opening intro of the song; that haunting twang of pedal steeI. was waiting for Kara's vocals to come in and seal the deal. And she did.

Kara has a voice with depth and with gravitas, it has soul and she delivers the lyrics like she's been singing since she could first walk.

The rest of the track builds ever so slowly and before you know where you are, (just like the frog boiled slowly in cold water) you are up to your neck in this ballad without realizing it and you can't get out. Not that I wanted to.

The instruments come and go, all supporting the lead vocal which is there job. But they do it in such a way that seems totally organic and real.

Now Kara says that she is embarking on her first solo career, we wish her the very best here at Nashville Calling and if she ever makes in over to the UK, you can be sure that we will get her onto one of our shows.

Review by Rick Paris

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