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Luke Flear - Single Review - Looks Country to Me

Leeds born multi instrumentalist Luke Flear is a new name to us at NCHQ and its with some relish that we review the first track from Luke's recently released 12 track Country Album.

So a quick peak at Luke's bio and images on his press release reveals that this boy has the hat and the hair but does he have the voice to back up the image. Oh boy, yes he does!

Its not often a UK act walks the walk but Luke does. He could be straight off the plane from Austin, Texas. Now having just listened to Tim Prottey Jones latest single, I can say that Luke's track is a totally different animal but is just as brilliant and totally authentic but in a totally different way.

Country Music encompasses such a wide genre and Luke's sound is much more centred towards the traditional sound of "Country" but is still bang up to date and modern which is why I referenced "Texas" rather than "Nashville" earlier. As music originating from Texas has less of a pop influence. As a body of work, the album is top class and should be listened too without any delay.

Anyway, I seem to have got side tracked somewhat. This single "Looks Country to me" explores his UK roots and his love for Country music growing up. The track is heavy with banjo, driven electric guitars and drums and to think he played them all, is mind boggling enough but it has a really authentic feel that I don't often hear from UK artists.

A sumptuous guitar solo is followed by a short banjo picking solo and it has the feel that we have stumbled into a dusty road house and Luke and his band have just stated playing in the corner. I've almost forgotten to mention Luke's voice! Now, its all well and good writing a great song and playing all the instruments like a pro but can he sing? Can he! The "son of a b****" does that so well too! Its so annoying and nobody should be allowed to be that talented, should they?

Is Luke Flear the real deal, we think so and so is this track.

Go find the song and the album on Spotify, Apple and all the usual streaming sites

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