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Mikki Evans - Watch Me - New Single

We last reviewed a track from Mikki back in November 22 and she's back with another new single called "Watch Me" and an EP.

So Mikki Evans' latest single "Watch Me" and the accompanying EP mark an exciting milestone in her career, plus the announcement of her debut headline show back in July must have added to the anticipation for her fans. We are in August now but I'm sure it went well.

The single's message of empowerment and determination resonates strongly through its lyrics, capturing the spirit of not letting naysayers hold you back. "Watch Me" carries a bold and assertive energy, portraying a fearless attitude of going after one's goals despite the doubts of others. This theme is complemented by the song's blend of Country Pop and Rock elements, creating a dynamic musical backdrop that supports the song's message. The fusion of these genres provides a distinctive sound that showcases Mikki's artistic direction and versatility as a musician.

The chorus's rallying cry, "Watch me go do it anyway," is not only catchy but also encapsulates the song's essence and serves as a powerful hook that draws listeners in.

The choice of a debut headline show at Hare & Hounds, Birmingham, signifies a significant step in Mikki Evans' journey as a performer. It presents an opportunity for her to connect directly with her audience and bring her music to life on stage.

Overall, "Watch Me" is a compelling track that encapsulates themes of resilience, independence, and determination. With its catchy melodies, genre-blending arrangement, and empowering lyrics, it's an anthem that not only showcases Mikki Evans' potential but also leaves listeners eager to witness her future musical endeavours.

Along with the debut headline show the new music adds another layer of excitement, marking the beginning of what seems to be a promising artistic journey for Mikki.

The song is out now.

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