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Mikki Evans - New Single - Rent Free

2022 seems to be the breakout year for a plethora of new Country artists all around the UK and Mikki Evans from the West Midlands is another artist popping out banging tunes this year.

You may have seen Mikki perform as part of the group "The Country Chix" but she has her own solo thing going on too and with a couple of top 5 iTunes tracks and with the talents of producer Tim Prottey-Jones to lend a hand, we thought we better take a listen,

So right from the gate, this is an up-tempo Pop/Country number with all the bells and whistles you can expect. If the aim was to produce a banging modern "Nashville" sound, then it's a bullseye!

The song starts kind of slowly with a little pedal steel lick, a kick drum and acoustic guitar and Mikki's vocals. Her voice has a very pleasant smoothness to it, and she delivers the lines with conviction.

As the chorus hits, it hits hard with the full band weighing in full throttle, which is big wall of sound, you get the sense that this would be an awesome track to run, work out to or drive fast.

Production is top notch, and the overall sound is very "NOW" and the song has a very nice bridge with a standout "Tom groove" which is a nice change up too.

Mikki's Press release says that the song is "full of up lighting and empowering lyrics that goes through the physical and emotional feelings of a breakup".

Really! Well, I must confess that at full throttle with the full band, I found any message lost on me. It's the melody that I was digging, not the message and the melody rocks.

The song came out on October 28th, go stream it or buy it now,

Did we like it? Hell yeah........

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