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Nicola Harris, Ft Preston D Barnes - Single Review - You

Fresh from her 2nd festival appearance at the Long Road Festival, Nicola Harris has a new single out on Wednesday 2nd November and this one's a duet, featuring an artist we reviewed a few weeks back, none of that Preston D Barnes.

The title of the track, as you can see from the artwork above is called "You" and it's a Country-Pop ballad, very much encompassing the modern sound of Country music. It's about 2 people who both say that they love each other and want no other but neither seem to believe it. Both are holding back for some reason and that's creating doubts in their relationship.

Now I do know that Nicola has engaged the services of Tim Prottey-Jones to produce the single and it has his usual stamp of quality.

So, the track begins with a 20 second instrumental piece that is mainly guitar, shaker and sidestick snare. But has an interesting electric guitar lick that gives the listener a taste of the melody of the song, which is a neat touch and really sets the scene. The song has an interesting "dark and moody" vibe.

But the first voice we here is Preston's', Which surprised me a little. Anyway, the song unfolds with more plucked electric guitar, keys and a reasonably sparce arrangement until it builds into the chorus when the full band kicks in. Nicola arrives in the 2nd part of the first verse, as a call and response style of vocal with Preston. It's like, he tells his side of the story, then she tells hers. Then they both come together for parts of the chorus which rounds out the song.

I really enjoyed the song a lot, it has energy and both voices work really well together. I especially loved the breakdown chorus near the end with both voices back and forth, lots of harmonies and an awesome electric lick too for good measure, (thanks Tim).

Overall, what did I think? Well as a song it worked well, it's a really good song but as a "duet" this really worked and on so many levels too, but the thing that makes it pop, is the flow between the 2 singers. it worked and it worked well. I hope there is more from these two artists.

So, the track is out on Wednesday (which is a bit unusual) 2nd November, go stream it or buy it. You'll love it, I did.

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