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Olivia Lynn - New Single - "Ain't It A Shame"

Just when you think you have heard of everyone on the UK Country scene, another week rolls by and another name pops up. Today its the turn of Luton songstress Olivia Lynn with her latest single "Ain't It A Shame" and it drops on Friday 30th September.

From reading Olivia's press release, it appears that she has been a very busy girl. With 2 iTunes chart toppers in 2021, Olivia oozes music on a daily basis, working in the theatre but although her heart lies in Country music, it appears that she wants to shake it up with her own brand of Pop-Country.

So what's the track like? Well, tbh, I'm not sure I have heard anything like it before. (sharp in take of breath). What do I mean by that? Well its tricky to describe but its a fusion of Pop, Hip-Hop and Trap with a little Country thrown into the mix too. There are also elements of Musical Theatre in there too, especially with the vocal performance in the later half of the song.

At its heart it has a thumping beat that has its roots in Country music but the whole sound is very fresh. The sound of the High Hats and drums though really pull it in a whole other direction.

Olivia is a passionate advocate of women’s rights, how women are perceived, and writing from personal experiences, ‘Ain’t It A Shame’ was written when an ex boyfriend criticised Olivia for what she was wearing.

Regarding the lead vocal performance, Olivia sings every word with plenty of attitude too, so its clear to see that she means every word too.

I urge any fan of original music to have a listen for themselves and you will hear and see why I am struggling to describe the track. You'll either dig it or you wont.

For me this is an inspired, fresh piece of work with a very original sound. The producer of the track has done a quite amazing job juggling all the elements and coming up with a coherent sound, it could have easily been a different story.

We enjoyed it, it's fresh and Its out on Friday 30th September.

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