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Peter Lake - New Single - Acorns

U.S Electronic/Pop/Punk artist Peter Lake has a new track dropping on July 29th called Acorns and its an unusual little track with some Country/Folk undertones that we think is worth a moment of your time.

Peters music is very eclectic and he produces and released music across several very diverse genres that include Electronic, Pop, Punk and now Alt Folk/Country.

Acorns is about the prospect of tough times ahead for the world and that we all need to be prepared for a long harsh winter.

The track has a haunting guitar melody which seems to reach deep into your soul, it certianly did mine! And the message, that's pretty chilling too.

Richard Fortus from the Guns ‘n Roses also played the guitar and banjo beautifully on this track.

Acorns is out July 29th assuming an apocalypse doesn't wipe us all out sooner.

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