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Pilch - Further Down the Road - New Single

More exciting news for fans of the UK country scene! Pilch, also known as Andy Pritchard, is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of his highly anticipated single, "Further Down The Road." This new release follows his well-received 2022 offering, "Firing Blind," and marks the beginning of a new chapter in his musical journey for 2023.

Influenced by legendary trio of artists such as Garth Brooks, Springsteen, and The Eagles, Pilch's hybrid sound is reminiscent of the iconic era that shaped the music industry. Andy expertly blends genres like rock, gospel, and country, creating a unique and authentic musical style, that is undeniably Pilch and who doesn't love a twangy stringed driven guitar intro!

As a prominent figure in the UK country scene, Pilch has made a lasting impression with his music. His talent and dedication have garnered recognition, with two consecutive finalist placements in the Song Awards. Additionally, he has contributed to the editorial team of the esteemed but now defunct "Acoustic Magazine", showcasing his passion for music beyond his own artistic endeavours.

Pilch has an extensive musical background, being the vocalist and writer for "Pilch and the Midnight Tinklers", as well as a member of the band Shot in the Dark for those with long memories. This experience has honed his song-writing skills, enabling him to craft songs that resonate with audiences.

"Further Down The Road" serves as an anthem for individuals entering the second and third phases of their lives. The track acknowledges the wealth of experiences in the rear-view mirror while embracing the excitement and possibilities that lie ahead. Pilch's poignant lyrics capture this sentiment, emphasizing that age is not a hindrance, as he sings, "we ain't getting old, we're just further down the road."

With its driven guitars, captivating melody and powerful message, "Further Down The Road" showcases Pilch's song-writing prowess. The track is destined to become a fan favourite, captivating listeners and leaving a lasting impression.

Be sure to mark your calendars for July 7th and join Pilch on this remarkable musical journey as he takes you "Further Down The Road."

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