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Sarah Lake - New Single - When Giants Fall

At Nashville Calling we simply love finding new artists and sharing them with you all. Recently we came across this wonderful Folksy/Roots acoustic ballad from U.S. artist Sarah Lake and we just had to share it.

When Giants Fall, was written by Sarah and Brooke Maloof about the passing of both of their fathers and this song is an homage to them both. I think its a fitting tribute and the title says it all, in just 3 words.

So as a Father myself, the title had pricked my intrigue. The song did not disappoint.

Originally from Canada and growing up in the U.S. State of North Carolina, Sarah has appeared in American Idol, getting to the finals, (so this girl can sing). Moving to NYC and then a spell in Nashville, Sarah has been travelling, plying her trade (as we say in Great Britain) for a while and you can tell.

So onto the song and Sarah gives such a polished vocal performance, delivering the lovingly written lines with grace and the pathos they deserve. You can tell this is coming from the heart.

Married to Grammy nominated producer husband Ernie Lake; I'm assuming he had a hand in producing the song. Either way, its just faultless. The textures of the instruments support the lead vocal, allowing it to shine but with enough depth to add plenty of lush sounds to the track.

So, count us as new fans and have a listen for yourselves, When Giants Fall is highly recommended.

Now if only she was touring the UK, we could get Sarah on one of our live shows. Wouldn't that be a treat.

Stream it here on Spotify

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