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Sarah Louise - New Single - My Beating Heart

It's just great when we are sent a new track from an artist that we not only enjoy listening to but have also had them play live for us at one of our Nashville Calling gigs. So it's with extreme pleasure that we can bring you a brand new track from Sarah Louise and its a little belter too. A cool little catchy tune that will have you singing and tapping along.

My Beating Heart’ was written by Sarah Louise and addresses “The unexplainable emotions you feel about someone that makes your heart skip a beat”. Sarah didn’t intend to release the song so quickly, however playing it to a few good friends, the feedback and relatability of the song made it obvious that this was one to be shared.

And we agree wholeheartedly with that statement here at Nashville Calling. Its a little cracker of a song and we just love the relatable sentiment of the track.

The song is out on 29th July and can be pre-ordered at the link below

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