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Sarah Louise - Single Review - My Grandparents and Me

Okay so it's time to "fess" up. I have always had a soft spot for a few artists apart from my own daughter, Hannah of course and Sarah Louise is one such person. Having met her a few times, she's always full of life, with a huge smile and always seems ready for a laugh, so I have always associated her music with the same sunny, lively vibe as her personality. However, when she played at one of our live shows in the recent past, she moved some of the audience to tears with one of her songs, it was so touching. This one nearly did the same to this old reviewer!

So " My Grandparents and Me" isn't the easiest title to ever roll off of anyone's tongue but that's the title, as it happens it works very well with the song, and it sets the stall out of the story from the get-go. It's a love story from a granddaughter to her Grandparents, reflecting on her memories.

So, what's in store for the listener. Well, it's a very simple song at its heart, it's mainly a picked acoustic guitar with simple percussion adding some layers here and there with keys added as the tune builds. But it's the wonderful melody and the layers of backing vocals where the song shines, and you'll need some dark glasses as it'll bring a tear to your eye if you're not careful. The choir of voices have been mixed so well, I felt as though I was standing amongst them. It's quite inspiring

Beautifully arranged, beautifully written and beautifully performed, Sarah Louise and whoever put this track together need to be congratulated. As far as I am concerned it's her best yet. It's also the type of sound that she should be writing more often as it shows her talent off to the maximum.

The song is out on 14th October on all streaming platforms, she is also performing live at one of our shows in November, come along and see her there.

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