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Shantell Ogden - New Single - Breaking Something Wild

Its not often that a real life "Nashville" singer-songwriter is touring in your neck of the woods and they also happen to be releasing a new single at the same time, but sometimes you just get lucky and this is such a time.

As a fan of Ogden's 2011 song "I Love Different Now" from the album "Stories behind Songs", we were excited to hear what the new track was all about. Also where as "I Love Different Now" was a slow Country ballad, this new track is a little more up-tempo and it jogs along nicely at around 99bpm.

So, at it's heart, its a romantic relationship song between a cowboy and a cowgirl and without giving away the story too much, Shantell and her co-writer "Bill DiLuigi" have come up with some great lines like, "Puts fire in his blood when that colt kicks up dust" and "a cowgirl tornado with dust on her halo".

Its a real old skool acoustic style County song too, that will appeal to Shantell's core fan base and I am sure will win over a few new fans to her too. And UK fans have the added bonus that she is touring in the country right now,

So, the song has just been released and Shantell is over here touring. I suggest checking out the track ASAP and checking out her website too for her tour dates and ticket availability near a venue near you.

The tour starts on the 14th September and you can check it out here.

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