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Single Review - Victoria Finehout-Vigil - Swallow

Victoria Finehout-Vigil was a new name for me when I was contacted to review her new single Swallow. She's from the USA and new name or not, this track and Victoria's voice needs to be heard.

Now those that know me, know that I have an interest in female singer-songwriters due to my talented daughter Hannah. So its always really interesting to listen to other female artists operating in the same space.

So without further ado, I suggest that you press play on the Soundcloud App below or fire up your Spotify or Apple account and have a listen.

My conclusion. Its a pretty moving piece of work. So much so that when it finished, I was reaching for the re-play button immediately. I'm not sure how Victoria will take this but the track has more than a whiff of the opening theme to a James Bond movie. Add some huge drums at the appropriate spots and this song is so much more than a 4 minute pop song.

I simply love the whole feel of the track and the lead vocal is simply gorgeous . The layers of vocals and harms are also spot on, not over done in anyway. Its a combination of structure, arrangement, melody and those vocals, Wow.

Is the track perfect, no but these are very minor production issues that can be fixed in a few minutes. There is a hiss on the track, not sure if this a deliberate decision and something the producer has added trying to give it an analogue sound? I wasn't a fan. Piano is a tad to loud for me in places and needs to be tamed a touch and needs to be eq'd a little, its sounding a little warm and low end heavy IMO.

Guitars are nice, perfect level and have a good sound. As a vocally driven track, its the vocals that make the song and they are mixed very well. Just the right amount of FX too. A great job . Victoria says that she has an album coming out soon, I can't wait to hear it.

Review by Rick Paris - Black Barn Music - Nashville Calling

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