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Tim Prottey Jones - New Single - Milestone

Hot off the heels of his earlier summer release "Love on our Side", we have Tim's next single "Milestone". So how does it stack up?

So "Milestone"? Its an interesting word, as its not only the songs title but could be a "milestone" for Tim's career. As the song marks the continuation of an upward trend in the quality of both the song-writing and production of Tim's tracks and as a long time admirer of the artist, we think it's a really terrific track.

The song starts with just a picked acoustic guitar ( with lovely squeaks from the fretboard) and Tim's vocals and builds from there with hat, claps and bass adding a very modern layer of sound to the opening bars. Within 30 seconds we are treated with some vocal throws that already tell me all I need to know, This is gonna be good!

Then the chorus hits and it hits hard with big beefy drums and driven electric guitars. The first chorus is a short one but with some ear candy of a turnaround with vocal throws and delays to add another layer of goodness on top. Its like buying a "99" from an ice-cream van and getting a bonus extra flake!

Production wise this is big sounding Pop-Country track and while it may not appeal to the traditional wing of "Country" fans, its the modern sound. There is just so much great stuff going on and its huge and without sounding like a cracked record and repeating myself from the last review I did of Tim's, he's getting the details right here too.

There are layers of instruments and vocal harmonies all over the track. Its all so well polished too and we are sure it will cement Tim as one of the top UK Country artists at this time. He's got another summer hit.

The track "milestone" is out on August 26th, stream or buy this on-line.

review by Rick Paris

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