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We Are All Fossils - New Single - Home Grown Flowers

Its always super interesting here most days at NCHQ and today was no exception when "We Are All Fossils" sent us there brand new song to have a listen to. Its called Home Grown Flowers and it out on Aug 26th.

So who are "We Are All Fossils", they are, Deist - Acoustic Guitar/Banjo/Electric & Vocals, Marc - Keys/Electric Guitar/Backing Vocals, Dan - Percussion/Backing Vocals and they hail from the UK who like a lot of musicians who write and perform their own music, do covers gigs and weddings etc to keep the "readies" rolling in,

It was during a series of breaks at a wedding gig that this single took flight and having listened to the song, it must have been a very inspiring building or occasion as its a beautiful track.

The Press Release says that it was recorded in several locations but you wouldn't know it as its been skilfully recorded and mixed and feels totally organic and glued together.

We think its one of the best tracks we have heard this year and I urge you to pre-save or pre-order this one, its a beauty.

Pre-save link below and it out on Aug 26th, save the date.


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