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When I Look at You - Adele & Andy - Single Review

Adele & Andy, haven't been on the UK County scene for too long but they have come along way in a very short time.

As an occasional visitor to their ever growing Twitch live streams, I have been very aware of the following that they have built up since the middle of 2020.

From their first tentative steps on the platform to their current very slick live operation. Its been an ever growing presence that has become a staple for thousands of fans and followers worldwide.

So at last we have the duos latest track “When I Look at You”, out on May 20th.

The song tells the story of unexpected love after a lifetime of heartache and despair and the joy and electricty this brings.

The track opens up with drums and then a chugging electric guitar brings some low end menace and growl. Acoustic guitars then add to the instrumental mixture as the song begins to open up.

Adele is known for her lovely vocals and she soon joins the song with the line “Another long night, empty and lonely, drinking to fast from a bottle of whiskey, sitting, thinking in the dark” as she begins to tell her story.

There is a plethora of bv's and doubled vocals throughout the chorus, building nicely into the climax. At this point, there is a potential“sing-along” section, with some Whooa, Whoooa's, that we can see going down very well when played live to an appreciative audience.

A little banjo makes it presence known in small samples throughout the track before a soaring guitar solo gives the song that Country-Rock sound that all non guitar players love to play “air guitar” too.

We are then treated to a 2nd solo to end out the song.

“When I Look at You” is out on May 20th and its sure to cement Adele & Andy's place in the UK County scene further.

Presave on Spotify here

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