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Yay, Two Ways Home are finally coming, on November 7th

So what feels like a long time coming, we finally have the Anglo-Austrian Duo " Two Ways Home" as headliners. November 7th is the date. So what feels like a never ending saga, we have booked this band several times over the last 18 months and we have had to cancel due to the pandemic. So its with all our fingers and toes crossed that we finally appear to have the green light. Grab a ticket as it will be awesome. The guys are supported by Linda Moylan, an amazing singer and songwriter of considerable talent. Again Linda was due to play for us in 2020 too, so we are super stoked to be able to get her back too. Last but not least is the considerable talents of my partner in crime, my daughter Hannah. Its very hard not too talk her up too much as I will be accused of nepotism, but she is one of the best songwriter around, so I gotta be honest. She never fails to deliver too. Tickets available from link below and our facebook page

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