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EP Review - Mal MacWatt & The Glass Mountains - Twilight

Updated: May 19, 2021

Twilight EP

Mal MacWatt & The Glass Mountains

featuring Clare Portman

"Twilight" is the latest Malcolm MacWatt EP and the follow up & sister EP to the fabulous "Blue Hour". The quality of the production keeps shining through as Mal teams up with regular producer Phil Dearing providing much of the lead guitar parts, as well as bass, keyboard and drums. Normally helping with harmonies, Clare Portman steps up to the front to share many of the lead vocals.

The EP springs straight to life with one of the highlights of the recording, the title track "Twilight". A duet, that sets the tone perfectly portraying the twilight theme of the EP and introduces Clare Portman's vocals for the first time on a Malcolm MacWatt offering rather than her normal harmonies

Clare also duets on the heart-breaking, break up song "Let Me Down Gently" as the pairs voices really seem to gel and convince you of a couple that are caught between make up or break up?

Mal takes lead vocals for himself on "One Track Mind", an up beat love song and it's at this point that Mal steps one foot into country music with the introduction of Steven Hicken Jr. on peddle steel.

"Loves Lost And Old Flames" tells the tale of someone who discovers his partner has been in touch with an old flame, and now has to deal with hurt attributed to that discovery.

The final track on the EP is also a last dance with Malcolm MacWatt taking Clare Portman's hand for the beautiful slow waltz "Dance With Someone You Love", rounding off a wonderfully written and crafted EP.

As Mal puts it, “Blue Hour and Twilight are different terms for basically the same thing – the time zone between daylight and darkness. It's the wee small hours before dawn breaks or when just after the last rays of the sun sink below the horizon. And it's when you're alone with your thoughts”.

"Twilight" is widely available now and both EPs are also available as a limited edition double CD from

Reviewer: David Dodsworth

Presenter Of The Cletus & Co Radio Show

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