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Northern Ireland duo, The Rising” release new track

Updated: May 19, 2021

Single Review

“Aint Nobody Got Me Here But Me” - The Rising

Here at Nashville Calling we have been long time fans of The Rising and after the band treated us to so much new music in 2020, it seems that 2021 will be another year of regular new music from the duo.

“Aint Nobody Got Me Here But Me” is the title of the new tune. Producer Chris Logan and one half of the duo, has a great way of arranging a song and this one is no exception. It sounds as though its been produced in Nashville rather than across the Irish Sea.

Big arrangements have become familiar territory with music from “The Rising" and the new track is a lush arrangement of layered guitars, pedal steel and juicy drums. Throw in layers of rich vocals from Chantelle McAteer, the other half of the duo and its no wonder they are getting plenty of radio airplay. That lady has some pipes on her!

The lyrics tell us, that all the decisions you take in life, both good and bad have lead up to this point, that point being the title for the song. “Aint Nobody Got Me Here But Me!

It sort of suggests that maybe its going to be a tale of woe and heartache but these pair clearly have a half glass full look on life but the song is a jolly little tune. It suggests that whatever decisions you make, its being able to make them, that's important. For better or worse they will follow their dreams.

As I touched on a little earlier, “Aint Nobody Got Me Here But Me” has very high production values and this stands out in UK Country music as another terrific production from the duo. Its a Country/Pop song with the sound of the modern Nashville, the Nashville of Lady A and Keith Urban. The drums have to have a special mention, as they sound big, very big.

We wish the duo continued success and with tracks like this, we can see their appeal “Rising”, do you get, it. I'm here all week.

“Aint Nobody Got Me Here But Me” is out on the 29th January and its available to pre-save. The link is below.

Spotify Pre-save - click here

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