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Stevie O'Connor new single "Chaos"

Review of Chaos by Stevie O'Connor

At Nashville Calling we are super blessed, in that we get plenty of music to review, which is great but every so often we get a track that is the absolute essence of what great Roots music is all about.

So, this brings us to our latest review and I am grinning from ear to ear as I listen for the first time. Some songs are slow growers and you need to hear them a few times, others grab you straight away. Chaos from Stevie O'Connor is the latter. It grabbed us from the first bar and simply wont let go.

The opening of the song includes Acoustic guitar, Resonator guitar, Strings and Drums and is played in such a way that it feels totally organic. I feel I have wandered into a bar late at night where there are several players sitting around and they all decide to play something. It feels that real.

I am getting ahead of myself here but when was the last time you heard a Harmonica solo, Yeah, I couldn't think of one either!

Anyway, the track unfolds like a flower searching for the sun, opening out second by second until you are mesmerised. As the song builds, the melody draws you in further still.

Stevie delivers the lyrics with a tone that is both velvety and yet full of grit. Its made for listening. Not only that but his vocal performance has pathos and real honestly. I am a long time fan of Dennis Locorriere (Dr Hook), there are elements of Stevie's voice that reminds me so much of Dennis.

The whole arrangement is simply stunning and the producer has gives every instrument, space and room to breathe; a place to shine. And to the Harmonica solo, yes, I wasn't kidding, it has one and its well worth the wait.

Its not Pop, its not Rock “n” Roll, its UK Roots Country at its best.

Its little known that we had Stevie booked for one of our live shows in 2020 but the Pandemic put pay to that and we had to cancel. It was such a pity.

But we can't wait to get him booked in and "We want more" and when do we want it, "Now"..

Stream it now on all platforms

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