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The Rising - Another banger?

"Bruise You Left" – Single Review

Following hot on the heels of the duo's last release “You Had It All”, they are releasing their 3rd single of 2021 “Bruise You Left” on June 4th. They are new song release machines!

So its with heaps of relish, that we strap on some headphones and dive in. Ten seconds in and its classic “The Rising”. That current Nashville Country-Pop sound with so much vibe and energy, its already putting a smile on my face, its infectious.

Produced by Chris Logan, who makes up one half of the duo and following the group for a few years now, we have come to expect big guitars, deep drums and luscious vocals from Chantelle Mcateer (the other half of the duo) and again they don't disappoint. These guys have been setting a high bar since the start of 2020 and they have delivered again.

From the get-go, its full of energy and has a chorus you will find humming along to for days. Its helped along by a very memorable little guitar riff that wormed its way into my head and really elevates the song into a different stratosphere. A drop and a key change, vocal throws/delays, this has it all and has been skilfully blended by Chris.

The song has that perfect summer vibe and I can see this being a big hit for the duo as its a great driving song. Whack it through the speakers of your car, preferably a convertible and get some wind in your hair on a sunny day. You will have a grin from ear to ear.

It could well be the sound of the summer. Its pretty infectious.

“Bruise You Left” is out on June 4th

Pre-save Bruise you Left here

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